Sunday, January 25, 2009

UFO in Obama Inauguration Video - What ?

Ok people,
I have really hesitated to post this video on the possible Ufo seen during Obama's Inauguration because it thought it was all hype myself.  However, now as this has made the news and is doing the rounds in the media - i thought it would be good to discuss the footage here to see why its causing such a stir....
As you may know the Obama administration is good news for Ufo disclosure - as explained in my recent post the new administration is going to make astonishing broad sweeping changes to ensure that the US develops an "open government" to enable Ufo disclosure. So is there any co-incidence with the recent Ufo sighting during the Inauguration - who knows?.  It does sound crazy, but some people think Ufos are always here to observe our progress - infact ufos have been seen over many major events where the impacts on the future of mankind are important (like the popes funeral and new popes Inauguration) -  so could this video be an example of just that?
Here's the footage in question - what do you think?
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Anonymous said...


Mr.Anonymous said...

so it's a helicopter????

Anonymous said...

They did'nt even stop to watch!!

Anonymous said...

Obama administration wont give out any infortmation, they dont know anything about extraterrestrials.
President's highest clearence is level 5 security clearance.
extraterrestrials is on level 6 security clearance.

Source:Alex Collier

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