Monday, January 26, 2009

SKY News UFO footage Jan '09 Live from Pontefract Conference

This is an interview at the Pontefract Conference, it shows footage of one of the most famous ufo sightings that took place in turkey and was filmed by a security guard and witnessed by many people. the Ufo was up in the sky for about 3 hours over a 3 nights: (once again please ignore the reporters attitude)
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Anonymous said...

everytime a reporter/anchor talk on ufos they get that shit eating grin that id like to smack off there fat ignorant faces!!!

Anonymous said...

I think many reporters belive in
UFOs, they simply are ashame to
admit it, so they joke instead.

Anonymous said...

(once again please ignore the reporters attitude)

Bit easier said than me right up!

I hate it when reporters act like this and it is all too common with the British Media.

I am convinced they are instructed to laugh or make jokes at the end of these reports..oh do not forget the obligatory mention of little green men!

Rant over..Sorry ;-)


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