Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ufo Over Bucks County Pennsylvania, 24th January, 2009

A Ufo was seen recently over Bucks County Pennsylvania on the 24th January 2009. One witness said: "It looked most like a star except for the rapidly changing color to it and it was far brighter than any other star in the sky".

Sadly the reporters have ridiculed & ruined this story - what are the media networks really scared of? - They always try to give light humour to Ufo stories because they have the old school belief that the public don't take the topic seriously and poor ratings will result if the story gets too factual ... I mean wake up Media networks - check your surveys, general concensus is that the public take these things seriously now - I mean Obama is even now aware of this -  please spare us the ridicule and give us all the facts - we can handle it!
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Anonymous said...

Ok, I live in Bucks County PA. It is not a UFO. I see the same object every night actually. Its a stationary object, slightly brighter than a star but not as bright as a planet. It just sits there and it blinks red, blue, green and white. I myself believe it to be either a satellite or just a star burning different ranges of gasses.

Anonymous said...

the night of 2/4/09 between the hours of 11:25pm and 12:30am i saw four or five strange objects. They were hovering at times, flying in formation at times and flying very close to each other at times. I saw them when i was driving up 95 north at the academy exit and followed them in the sky all the way up to the new hope exit. they looked like they were small type of aircraft with short cropped wings. they started to circle the area for about 25 mins and then they were gone. people were pulled over and slowing down on 95 looking at these objects. very strange.

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