Monday, January 26, 2009

British Air Force Chiefs ordered RAF Pilots to shoot UFOs

The Ufo topic keeps Nick Pope a busy man these days people. The former Uk Ministry of defense staffer seems to be involved with many ufo reports at the moment on the TV, internet and in books, debates and documentaries - keep up the good work - the Ufo community appreciate your efforts!

He recently reported to the Sun paper in the UK (who must also be congratulated for their non stop reporting on the Ufo topic ) about how the Uk Air force is ordered to deal with Ufos - shoot them down!. Its seems like the most irresponsible thing to do - to provoke a more advanced race upon first contact - not a wise thing to do considering they can and have easily rendered our most powerful defense (nuclear weapons) useless.

If Ufos are a threat to the safety of our airspace then why doesn't our goverment admit it?. I'm sure thousands of people flying in passenger aircraft all around the world at the moment would be very concerned if they knew that there is always a chance a Ufo could hit their plane at any time - because in reality governments have & will never be able to keep airspace secure against ufos....

But then again if our most powerful weapons can't protect us from these craft i guess you wouldn't want to tell the public right? Makes sense ... there is a more serious issue at stake here guys ... its massive a national security concern - we are completely defenseles against ufos (for once something out of the governments control) - thus the secrecy:

Nick pope explains this further in the below extract from this article in the Sun Paper :

RAF pilots have tried to BLAST UFOs out of the sky under a top secret Government directive, it was claimed last night.

Nick Pope — who worked on the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk for three years — revealed the rules of engagement for the first time.

He claimed RAF pilots had fired at UFOs on several occasions — but failed to bring them down.

He added: “We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down — with little effect to the UFO.” Mr Pope said the rules of engagement were drawn up after dozens of close encounters with suspect craft in British airspace.

RAF attacks on UFOs were “not automatic but happen when something in our airspace is deemed to be a threat”.

He explained: “In the case of UFOs, whether the object is causing a threat is very much a (pilot’s) judgment call.”
Mr Pope, 43, from London, said the “shoot down” orders had been issued under the highly-classified directive since the beginning of the 1980s. He believes a pattern has emerged in incidents already publicised in this country and abroad.

When a UFO is thought to be threatening a country’s airspace, the drastic action has been taken. He said: “There was a faction in the MoD who said ‘We want to shoot down a UFO and that will resolve the issue one way or another’.’’

He claimed credible UFO witness statements had come from dozens of near-misses with planes, police helicopters and RAF jets in recent years.

He said: “The public won’t know unless it comes down in a heavily-populated area.”

Weapons He added: “I do believe we will bring one down. We’re developing increasingly sophisticated weapons.”

Mr Pope also rubbished the MoD’s stance that UFOs pose no danger to the public, saying: “I think that’s a line I wrote myself in the 1990s.

Unrelated but interesting ... Pilot all over the world including this video below are often told to track and shoot down Ufos .. is this a wise thing people?
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l2 said...

“I do believe we will bring one down. We’re developing increasingly sophisticated weapons.”


wanna start star wars for real?

what kind of ignorance tries to provoke a higher order of intelligence?

Anonymous said...

I am completely ashame to belong to this human race we are a greedy retard species shame to the world and every coward who lead this world!
we deserve nothing more than disapear from this great universe. ps
we say the greys are hostile, i dont see a more hostile races than us.. shame on us..

Anonymous said...

This clip in Italian language
referred to one of the episode in wich a giant triangular UFO appeared in the Belgian sky and
was seen by over 14000+ witness.
The two pilots saw it on radar only
and each time they locked the radars on it, the UFO performed incredible evasive manouvers.
From 180 Kmh to 17000 in 1 second.

l2 said...

I think it's going a bit overboard when you make to seem all of humanity equaly quilty/aggresive/retarded.

There are many of us who are trying to break the conditioning.

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