Friday, May 08, 2009

New UFO Hunters - UFO Relics

I love the Ufo Hunters!!
Here are the details from the new episode which aired on May 6th. Don't forget to secure your copy of season 2 on DVD (click here) which comes with all the special features and it comes out May 26 - its important to support the show as well as they have made a significant contribution to pulic awareness to the Ufo topic.:

From microscopic particles, to large pieces of unknown metal--UFO "trace cases" offer some of the most convincing evidence that UFOs may have been visiting earth for centuries. The team examines the most compelling relics available. In Pennsylvania, they uncover reports of a UFO spraying a strange blue mist, witnessed by multiple people. They examine a mysterious glass-like rock found in Poland at the scene of a UFO sighting. And in Missouri they meet a man with a unique otherworldly piece of metal he witnessed falling off a UFO. The team will conduct a scientific test never-before-done on this unidentified metal. The result of this test could be revealing:




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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL WORK from UFO Hunters, and most marvellous work from you. It takes time to maintain blogs, and to maintain such an active blog, all your time.

Thanks for everything. Hope all stands revealed soon, and you be rewarded a NOBLE Prize for investigation into UFOS.

Anonymous said...

Ever see "The Gods Must be Crazy?" A primitive tribe finds a coke can and thinks it fell from the heavens.

Well, it's possible that there's super advanced manmade technology years ahead of our current society, and this object is it's coke can.

nick dk said...


Only thing is, that these "coke can`s" actually fall down from the sky ;-)

A peace like the last one was also found in Denmark in the 1960 i think it was.
Could be cool 2 compare them.
I think im gonna try and find this person in Denmark and see if he still has it.

ender said...

This video probably shows craft droping same debrie:
This is real FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-red) footage from a Long Beach, CA Police Department helicopter.

vitaloverdose said...

its no surprise the picture are the same when its the same guy drawing them. If they had really wanted to use sketchs as any kind of proof then they would have had to use different sketch artists.

These guys claim to be doing things by the book but then keep turning out sloppy results.

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