Thursday, May 07, 2009

Infrared UFOs in Norway, 5/5-2009 ?

Birds, ballons or orbs ?
what could these erratic little objects be? any ideas people..

Infrared UFO fleet in Norway, 5/5-2009
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Anonymous said...

It looks like 4 owls flying around and pairing off.

Anonymous said...

It looks like 4 owls flying around.

Anonymous said...

owl? what makes them owls...? look morel ike seaguls imo

Thomas said...

No way those are animals at all. Look how smooth the movement is. Were these objects only visible through your infrared camera?There are quite a few cases of infrared ufo photos and videos on the internet. It looks like normal UFO crafts, just only visible on the infrared spectrum. The movement they have is crazy! Awesome video my friend.

Anonymous said...

I just saw an object like these flying over in the Harstad area at 3:40pm today. The sky was getting dark and some stars were present. This object glowed white and moved from the south to north stopping twice and then resuming movement. The light did not blink like a normal airplane or aircraft. No visible smoke or flames. There were no sounds. The light moved more north then stopped once more in mid air. Then the light went out.

This was def not a bird or normal aircraft.

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