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UFO over Orange Beach April 28 09

Orange Beach Ufo:

UFO Orange Beach April 28 09
posters comments:
Around 2:00 A.M on 4/28/09 a friend and I were visiting on the balcony of a condo in Orange Beach, AL. It is located maybe two hundred yards East of Perdido Pass on HWY 182 near the AL/FL border. The balcony faces the NE.
As we were talking, I noticed what looked like a very bright,
white star low in the sky to the NNE. It caught my eye a few times because it was so bright, but otherwise it didn't seem too unusual. We could see the sky very well that night/morning and it just looked like a really bright star amongst many other stars.
Maybe the fourth time I noticed it (over about 30 minutes) I saw it descend rapidly for a pretty good distance.(maybe from about 50 to 30 degrees in just a blink)
It looked like a shooting star, except it just stopped on a dime and hung there unchanging for at least a couple of minutes before fading into a reddish color and "blinking out" (see below).
When I saw it "fall", I told my friend and ran inside to grab a camera. Then we both watched it sit in the sky and disappear. The video camera is new and I didn't know how to operate it very well, so I was unable to document the first sighting.
Over the next half hour or so we saw it appear and reappear in the sky 10-12 times. The first 8-10 times we saw it, the object would usually initially appear to be a bright star moving slowly in the sky. Most of the time it was moving very slowly from E to W or was stationary Then it would change colors and then just disappear or dissolve.
We saw it turn blue, white, green, red, orange, and yellow (at least).
Sometimes it would change colors instantly, other times it would sort of rapidly blink different colors. When the object disappeared, it would turn a dull red color and sort of dissolve.(see the video)
We heard no noise, but it appeared to be very far away. Rate this posting:

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