Thursday, May 07, 2009

Whats going on here - Ufo convoy May 2009 ?

Startling footage - Escorted by police and numerous security vehicles this apparent convoy looks like its transporting Ufos - Could this really be real? or is it a CGI (but it doesn't look faked) or just some large parts being transported?
Notice how the highway must be closed ahead and the large truck at the back may be shielding the objects from view. But i was thinking if it was a ufo then wouldn't they cover it up with some covering to keep it secret?
Your comments appreciated
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Anonymous said...

large parts being transported, in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Stop tripping!! If it were real (and it's clearly not) they would have draped a tarp or something over it. Think man, think!

Endrid.D.Cold said...

After having studied UFO's for many, many years, I have found that there are a number of operational procedures that must be considered for an op like this.
- These transfer vehicles are being
escorted by civilian authorities
and/or not the military, which
would mean that the payload is
most likely NOT a national
security concern.
- The powers that be have learned
that moving sensitive cargo at
night is much safer and less
problematical than it would be if
they transferred such objects
during daylight hours.
Now, after close scrutiny into the matter there is only one thing that it could possibly be...
These huge objects are nothing less than new ear-muffs for Barak Obama - Have you seen the wings on that guy????

John Umana said...

Where exactly is this? All video posters should please provide authenticating information of when this video was taken, who was present, where this is, and describe what you saw.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't become hysteric man. These are flywheels for big Diesel engines especially for ships.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that a civil engineer could identify what the two items in the trailer beds are.

The two white vans at the end of the convoy, the fact that there's no proof that the sound over the footage is in any way related,, and the fact that the two objects on the trailer beds do indeed look like UFO's makes the footage look like someone stumbled upon a Hollywood movie being made and shot footage of it.

dean said...

Way i see it theres no government cars or trucks,

If they were transporting something like this they would of foamed it up so it doesnt look like this ? then tarped ??? so no 1 has any idea.

Just parts

Anonymous said...

They're my new dumbells being delivered!!!

Endrid.D.Cold said...

Hey man, I agree. There is no way that those carnival rides were UFO's. I was making a joke here.
Oh, and I stopped tripping a loooooong time ago.

meldie said...

Hey now. This isn't real. It's too crisp. Most likely a "viral" promo for a movie, tv show or game. Whatever entity commissioned this will make itself known soon enough.

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