Friday, July 17, 2009

12 mile long Arctic goo life form in Alaska

A mysterious glob of unknown material up to 12 miles long has appeared off Alaska's northern coast. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Terry Hasenauer says, "It's certainly biological. It's definitely not an oil product of any kind.".
Does this co-incide with revelations that new land is forming now in alaska?
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Biology Science Fair Projects said...

If there are any students living near where this new ooze is making landfall then grab a sample. It would make a great test subject for next school year’s science fair projects.

Biology Science Fair Projects said...

To build eco science fair projects around this news story you have a lot of options. You can examine what the ooze is, you can try to recreate it and you can also study how it impacts the health of the ecosystem.

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