Friday, July 17, 2009

Warnings for passenger aircraft - geomagentic storms

With again more recent passenger aircraft crashes this month , this time in Iran and the Venezuela aircraft incident i am again reminding everyone of the warning scientists are giving about earths magnetosphere effecting aircraft.

These magnetic storms can not be predicted and are appearing all over earth just recently.
Many aircraft companies are aware of this but do not which to cause alarm and panic in the already struggling ariline industry. Of concern is that Airbus planes which use 'fly by the wire' fully computerised technologies may be more susceptible to these EMF disturbances compared Boeing aircraft which use less computer controlled systems.

There are numerous theories for why the magnetosphere is playing up - techtonic changes, the solar cycle as we approach 2012, the hypothetical influence of Planet X.

Russian Air Force Commanders have issued warnings to all of their aircraft to exercise “extreme caution” during flights “in and around” an area defined as Latitude 17 North [North Atlantic Ocean] Latitude 3 South [South Atlantic Ocean] to Latitude 8 North [Indian Ocean] Latitude 19 South [Indian Ocean] between the Longitudes of 46 West, 33 West, 46 East and 33 East, and which covers the greater part of the African Tectonic Plate.

An urgent note is that Magnetospheric disturbances are only going to increase as well as we approach 2012 and will become a massive problem as predicted by NASA:

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