Saturday, July 18, 2009

Orbs seen over fresno 9th July 2009

As the title says - orbs seen fresno 9th July 2009.
If you live in Fesno and have seen these recently please respond
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Jason said...

Hi, I'm in Fresno, Ca.

If you want to talk, I would love to hear your story about this. PM me if interested ans have the time.


Rick Hernandez said...

Hello im Rick Im from Fresno,Ca And me and my girl seen the same thing a couple weeks before you shot that video. It was on the madera and fresno county border. We were coming back from the madera drive in and i was driving on the 99 south and from the right side of the freeway I seen the same 3 bright light shape but it was coming from the ground and going up. Then it went swooping back down toward the trees and then back up like it was looking for something. I would like to talk to you more if you would like. My e-mail Is [email protected] please contact me back

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