Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roswell: The UFO UncoverUp - a 62 year secret

Its been over 62 years since the roswell Ufo incident back in 1947 . Over 10 deathbed confessions from people who witnessed the & participated in event have come out over the past decade (just showing you how worried they were about being sworn to secrecy on what happened). I think we have heard well enough to know it was real crash of ufo craft.
Most disturbingly - if the US government has been able to keep this secret for this long just what else have they been hiding from us?
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Anonymous said...

Pretty good documentary, BUT it does bother me to see David Adair, Bob Lazar and Linda Moulton Howe-could-you-possibly-know-that thrown into the same category as highly credible people like Stan Friedman and Col. Corso. It's like confusing Brian Williams and Keith Olberman with real journalists. Credibility is EVERYTHING in ufology.

Anonymous said...

BINGO! Well put. I had to stop watching this one for just that reason. Having the "Legends in their own mind" crew was just too much. The 3 stooges in UFOlogy are Robert Dean, David Adair, and John Lear. Some of the crap that they offer as the truth is just plain silly- like David Adair with his claims of designing a rocket that can go from 0 to 8000mph in less than four(4) the age of 17! Or Robert Dean with his "Cosmic clearance" which is 67 levels above top secret. He's off by more than 60 spots. Those with the very top level clearances are hand picked and then groomed for yrs. They would never, NEVER betray their oath. Not EVER! These are people like G.Gordon Liddy who would gladly take a bullet to the head for the cause. I'm not sure about Bob Lazar. He might well be a dis-info specialist planted by the officialdom. If his claims were even remotely true, he would have been wormburger yrs ago.

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