Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good-bye Ufo Hunters crew !

RealUfos would like to thank-you say a sad goodbye to the Ufo Hunters crew. The show has been responsible for bringing the Ufo topic back into interest and they have done alot of good.

The History channel is making a major mistake by canning the excellent show. The show has gained a cult following and the show has brought ufology to the public domain.

Its a sad day when pity current affairs and reality shows (which are geared towards the short term concentration of most of the public) and more sought after than proper investigative and truth finding work. Just shows you the level of consciousness most people are at at the moment.

I highly suggest you support the great show that was the ufo hunters by looking and sharing their dvds with friends and family - its a great education & investigation into important ufo events that should not be forgotten.

Season 2 Ufo Hunters on DVD :

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. said...

What a shame... hopefully another network will pick up this series, because it's really good!

Anonymous said...

The cancellation of UFO Hunters is typical of today's mega-superficial mentality that is running rampant in this country. It really IS a sad commentary when a show that serves to educate the millions of people who would not give UFO's & UFOlogy a second thought otherwise, is canned in favor of the pathetic offerings from network executives.
The prospect of dumping "UFO Hunters" to make room for shows such as, "Frog Whisperer" or "How David Duchovny Bored The World", or "Idiot Whisperer", is frightening to say the least.

The networks aren't the only one's who cancel shows relating to UFO's. YouTube is expelling UFO oriented video blogs at an unprecedented rate. It's strange, very strange. They are also taking down UFO videos themselves w/ lame excuses such as, "copyright violation" when it is clearly untrue, or "video taken down by the user", or something to the affect.
It's getting more & more difficult to give a shit these days.
So long good friends.

Bill Key said...

"the History Channel" is cutting it's own throat by dropping shows like "The UFO Hunters" and keeping crap like "Axe Men", "Ice Road Truckers" etc. All they have to do now is cut "Monster Quest" and I would have NO reason to watch "The History Channel"

jamieinenglewood said...

You must have newer info them me,Bill told me just last week that UFO Hunters will be back on History,if not history somewhere they are still filming a season as we speek?

morius said...

I love this show.i'm pissed off that they dropped the show.I really hope that another network picks up this show.

Anonymous said...

I also think that the new fellow they picked was sorely lacking in every catagory of necessity. He showed very little interest in UFOlogy. It was as if he were doing us all a favor to take part in the investigations. He also lacked the qualities that made the group a perfect team. He behaved as if he were pouting for missing the buffet at Pizza Hut. Who knows. Maybe Sci-Fi will give it a go.

Shol'va said...

When we had announced the cancellation of UFO hunters, other sensitive documentaries and access to military satellite data on YT, marsanomalyresearch, MUFON and ATS six months ago, people called us names and termed us pseudeoskeptics.

Now, when people can see, all these things become reality, they should know, not only president Obama, but most nations are determined to shut down the topic as far as (inter)national security regulations and treaties require it. This is mandatory, since most people haven't evolved to a point, they could handle the truth or even see the implications and dangers. A disclosure process has begun, but it will take us a couple of centuries upon completion. Since the past disclosure steps went too fast and created ebullient and dangerous UFO/ET-crazyness, things will go slower during the next decades. Hence the flow of information to the ignorant majority of the general public can only be interrupted by separating ET/UFO-publishers from them and moving the whole topic into the realms of science fiction. Hence doco-producers like Jose Ecamilla and Michael Fox will struggle once more
over obstructions in the mainstream publishing channels. Fox denied to accept this fact and failed even to complete his documentary 'beyond the blue'. He wanted to try it again - and will fail another time with 'I know what I saw'. So people should trust their governments. Those who wanted to consume officially released information in accordance with FOIA should click on the indicated web-site and enter 'UFO' into the search-field.

Anonymous said...

What moron at the history channel made this decision? UFO Hunters was a weekly staple of mine. I've recorded many for multiple viewings. The show featuring Nazi UFOs was one of the best pieces of journalism in television history. Shame on you History Channel. I agree with BK. Now drop Monster Quest and I'm going back to ESPN.

Dan said...

Like so many 'reality' cable shows, UFO Hunters stretched about a half hour show into one hour, constantly recapping and showing the same footage over and over. I'm interested in the subject, but have no patience with this technique. Thus, I don't even have cable anymore, I don't have the patience and the time to waste. I'd watch this show on UTube, zipping past the boring repetition.

Anonymous said...

what a pity ! this show is the best i ever seen - i hope UFO HUNTERS come back . all my family enjoy this serious researches WE NEED !

Anonymous said...

The new shows/season are starting and NO UFO HUNTERS!!!?? Where was I, because I had no idea it was getting canned! I loved that show, and they replaced it w/mystery whatever?!

I sincerely hope that some other cable network picks it up. I loved that show and looked forward to each new episode. I do feel like they were delving into something bigger then themselves though towards the end, and I guess I am not that surprised that they wern't renewed. Can we say cover-up.

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