Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Area 51 Ufo Photos ?

Russian news paper reports these Ufo photos taken over area 51. It looks like a saucer shapped craft at low altittude but it may also be a large ballon i guess, any thoughts people?

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UFO's are real said...

I do believe in UFO's. But i also think that most of the UFO's that are seen today, specially over area 51 are all owned by the government.

They copied the technology from crashed crafts and have now either mastered it, or are in the process of mastering it, and what we see over area 51 are test runs, possibly learner pilots (real humans)getting a feel for the craft and it's controls.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above.

however, I would like to propose one thing:

whatever human organization it is that is control over these things, it's NOT the government by any conventional definition (as I understand it).

it's some sort of octopus-like (in organizational structure) entity that has usurped the government.

In my humble opinion this 'coup' was fully accomplished in 1947 by the enactment of the 'National Security Act'.

AM said...

The time is long past when people, including world leaders, can ridicule this subject. Many, many, many sightings over the last few years especially have called major attention to unusual craft doing out-of-this-world type maneauvers and sometimes establishing telepathic contact with onlookers.


Any skeptics should look to the very recent sighting that happened in China - at least 8 separate witnesses took pictures and many people observed a craft that changed appearance in the sky. Their government might be close to revealing more information publicly.

The Space Brothers are here to inspire, guide and protect us from destroying ourselves through misuse of nuclear technology and potential world war, if we don't grow up as a human race and learn to share and live more sustainably.

Anonymous said...

It'S OBVIOUSLY SOME SORT OF TOWER CASTING A SHADOW. THERE are at least 3 other towers that look exactly the same, on is at area 51 main site that is obviuously rusting on top.

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