Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to RAF Bentwaters in 2010 - Rendlesham Forest - the Uk's most famous UFO incident

To celebrate the coming 30th reunion of the Uk's most famous UFo event ever
- the Rendlesham Forest incident at RAF Bentwaters - here is the Ufo hunters special on the incident.

As you may know a triangle Ufo was witnessed by many military staff to have landed within RAF Bentwaters and this was validated by both Radar and military staff
It was no surprise why - The base a secret outpost for the US military Nuclear weapons defense station -thus the common ufo nuclear weapons connection.

I have also been asked to request that anyone involved in the incident
to please read this letter about the 30th reunion organised for next year

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markymint said...

Cool. My friend saw a triangle craft, and his description of it, its movements and the area are exactly how the Rendlesham witnesses described theirs. His sighting was in the last decade, and quite a way from Suffolk, in a forest near RAF Benson. I need to get a date from him and also see whether he's heard of Rendlesham Forest incident - but I'd advise extremely early morning dog walkers that live near RAF bases to keep an eye out :)

Craig said...

I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 when this incident happened. I was an Air Traffic Controller in the RAPCON and working that night. Was quite interesting listening to all the comments coming from the folks on the radio. Just so everyone knows, this wasn't something that was faked. Take it from someone who was there.

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