Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Journey: The UFO Case Of Anthony Woods

For the past few years Anthony Woods has somehow attracted UFOs on a scale unprecedented in history. Over one year in the making, this program tells the remarkable story of his efforts to record some of the most extraordinary UFO footage ever seen.
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Anonymous said...

watching the journey.The UFO case of Anthony Woods i was amazed that they missed the ufo in the frame or time 19:51 where the fleet of ufo's are being showed if you blink you will miss it,it's that fast a flash of light apears then gone goe's between the fleet of orbs.ok this is how you can see it say at 19:49 pause it then play it and pause it quickly at 19:51 or on anthony's camera it's 12:20:46 you will see something amazing i hope you really take me serious cause it left me stunned specially since they didn't mention it in the documentery did they miss you be the judge thank you rick.

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