Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climate solutions are here - lets bring Free energy out from the relms of pseudoscience

A non Ufo post but this is an issue i feel needs discussion on at the moment:

In Canberra today in Australia there was a riot at the climate conference and it got me thinking how desperate and fed up the public really are lack of action governments are taking on climate change. They can't seem to reduce emissions without significant cost to the economy because current clean energy technology is simply too expensive & inefficient - ( no government will be re-elected if they commit their voters to a lower quality of life in exchange for these economically devastating & radical carbon emission cuts) . This is causing the real standoff with progress being made on the climate issue worldwide - its a major economic trade off.

Either way the time for talking about this issue further has long gone and we can no longer rely on our governments sort this out and so urgent action is needed....

I was just thinking how much more angrier those people at the riots would be if they knew that zero emission technology is actually here that is efficient enough to replace current energy sources entirely.

Governments around the globe are so desperate at the moment to come up with cleaner energy solutions that they are literally forking out billions into research grants to come up with innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions - but no effective solutions have yet to arise (except clean coal - but I mean what an expensive joke right?..) .

Basically this is all about money and not about the climate - think about it - there's no way the trillion dollar energy corporations want to be replaced by a technology that generates something for free right? If you charge someone for something they rely upon for use every day you got a lucrative business - but take that away with free energy technology - and there goes the energy industry ! So it makes sense that the energy corporations will no way they let this happen and you can bet they are going to do everything they can to ensure that this technology doesn't get out into commercial production - cause their whole market is at stake!.

The prime example of this from the late 1800's when business tycoon Morgan canned Nicolas Telsas wireless energy project when he found out there was no way to charge people for using it. ...similarity today the research funds aren't going where they should cause its about money and returns. Governments and corporations want to develop alternate energy sources they can still charge us for ... so the more effective solutions remain completely undeveloped and overlooked.

An eye opening video about free energy suppression - apparently banned in the US:

The devastating fact is that these 'free energy technologies' have been around for a long time - sadly many of the patents to these have all been bought up long ago and suppressed by none other than our energy corporations.

So serious is the issue of suppression of free energy technologies now that the Orion project has organised an energy briefing for the President Obama and members of Congress to review. I suggest checking out the briefing to update yourself on zero emissions technologies that your government likely has not told you are available.

Its time our governments stop talking about ways to 'reduce emissions' - instead lets bring to the table the possibility of 'zero emissions' and the possibility that free energy technology may not be pseudoscience after all .
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Anonymous said...

The oil industry and all OPEC-nations thankfully appreciate your people-fooling post. Let's start with the simple thing: No such thing like a perpetua mobile (the term 'free energy' is simply an euphemism) exists, since the first and second law of thermodynamics are the most basic properties of matter and energy. Without these laws, our universe came never into its existence. And ZPE (Zero Point Energy, aka quantum vacuum fluctuations) is the most misunderstood concept, since nobody can harvest energy from it according to 2LTD [The reason, why a bird, sitting on a high-voltage power-line doesn't get electrocuted] Correct is however, we have tons of perpetua-mobile claims - for millenia.

To save our planet, we need to implement feasable sources of sustainable energy. One of these sources, that could replace fossile fuels are solar-thermal- and solar-chemical power-plants in the deserts of our planet, that create methanol (CH3OH) from water and CO2. All internal combustion- and jet-engines can use methanol. Geothermal energy is just another source of energy. Then we have already clean and safe nuclear energy, called the thorium-process, advocated for decades by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Since a thorium-reactor can't sustain a chain reaction on its own and no weapons-grade nuclear material can be breeded, this thing isn't interesting for military use. Aneutronic pulsed plasma fusion (in a sanitized form) is also available soon.

Final conclusion: We can save the planet, if politicians would be forced by educated people. Every perpetua-mobile fantast helps to keep the status quo - and the inevitable destruction of our planet.

suburbanknights said...

Don't stress over climate change. The jury's still out. The Earth reached highest temps in 1998 and has been cooling since 2002. 6000 earth core samples taken from around the World prove that we are in the midst of a 60 year weather cycle: the average temps will continue to drop till 2030. Polar ice is ACTUALLY increasing. True. Do the the research. I like this site, but don't buy into the Global Warming alarmism.

Anonymous said...

Before you jump on the man made global warming bandwagon, you might want to read this article:

l2 said...

The first anonmyous guy is a shining example of a person who cannot think for him/herself.

Kudos, and kudos again!

First and Second laws of thermodynamics are HOLIER THAN LIFE ITSELF it would seem. Well, allow me to retort:


Have a nice (ignorant) life.

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