Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok so what's up with Murrysville, Pennsylvania & Ufos ?

So many videos - now even from other people in her area. However alot of people are saying what this lady is filming are planes or helicopters over Murrysville, Pennsylvania. . I would be happy to get a reply from the poster if you all have some questions for her - please advise as a reply to this post and i will get a reply from her posted to help sort this out. She posted video recently disputing the aircrafts however when you listen to the interview they say they are training helicopter pilots - so not sure how that fits in with her explanation?.

So where is Murrysville, Pennsylvania ?

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm in the UK, I'm in fairly regular contact with Alison (the lady in Murrysville). Although the local airstrip is open 24/7 and do have helicopter night flights, the topography of the land would suggest that it isn't near where she is filming. I would suggest you look on her 'alien hunting' sequence too.. it is in eight parts, but especially interesting is part 6, and in the time line between 1.45--2.08.. to the right of the light in centre frame. She didn't see it at the time (it was pointed out to her later) because the fold out screen is surrounded with icons and her field of view was obscured. I'll send a link of this to her, and hopefully she'lll get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Well i faced her with the truth a few weeks ago, and since then she banned me from her Youtube channel because i said it were just ordinary planes and military helicopters.

How more video she record how more she get obsessed and giving out wrong information.

When you use a nightscope which is verry sensitive for light and when a object of light are being seen with these scope the light objects get blurred or like she call them "Orbs". Do you really think real UFO or either highly advanced secret goverment technolgy would use normal planes light on their craft? Offcourse not.

I believe in UFO, but i have a logical way of thinking. And most recording you see on her page are all related to Helicopters, Planes. She even lives next to a military base!? What would you expect to see?

There are much more better recordings of UFO/Goverment video's then she is showing us.

Anonymous said...

For example in a few video's you see a laser pointing on a forest. These laser are being used by Apache, AH-1 Cobra, Tiger for coordination or for the use of Hellfires (missiles).

The video in her friends garden which show some object fly close in front of the camera are just some insects. Lights from these house lit these insects up.

And so on. Explanations for almost everything.

I just dont like people which are giving out false information or hoaxing stuff.

We all want the truth about UFO or Disclosure of Goverment Technolgy.



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I seen a UFO sort of like this tonight. My first time encounter and im being serious. I was in the car when i looked up and spotted a white light not moving nearly crashed decided to stop the car to take a look. As i stopped it started moving it was only a white light but as it got closer it was split into 3 white lights not flashing and as it went overhead it disapeared. Wish i had a camera it was freaky. (Alton, Hampshire UK). Definatly not a plane!"!!

Anonymous said...

She may have seen one ufo but a majority of stuff she is filming is most probably due to the airport activity on one side and mr woo fung choos birthday party celebrations upwind on the other!!!

Anonymous said...

Makes it harder to get to truth with the coming flood of people that have gone off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

I love how people just assume it's all these different explanations they try and fabricate to suit their beliefs - which means ALL the debunkers can't be right! Just like every UFO VIDEO can't be real. So, which "debunk" is right? Can't pick one that perfectly fits your clever "explanation"? Ever crossed your ego's it might be real? Of course not, then you'd have to back up "YOUR DEBUNK".

Well, I guess I'm the ONLY one here who HAS ACTUALLY BEEN THERE. That makes me THE only qualified person so far to speak. (Unless you are reading this and have been there as well). Nothing man made can effortlessly skim through trees, treetops, make impossible maneuvers or descend from the heights of space to the ground in the blink of an eye and all the while make NO SOUND.

If you had remotely scientific minds, you'd realize only physical empirical data can be trusted. So listen to someone who doesn't need to explain away or prove anything except what his own eyes saw (no video needed):


Now, until you go to Murrysville, please stop your pointless ego rambling and empty postualtions. If I were her (Alison), I'd ban your empty, lazy minds too.

Waaaaaakkkeeeee uuuuuuupppp Sleepee heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even the most civil question is treated with great hostility by Ms Alison. If you simply do not agree with her she will not post your comments.

The path of woods on that hill of green she stands on has a road in the back of the small patch of woods she claimes the "UFO's" are hiding in "schoolyard road" also behind the road are houses which could be using flood lights and the like. Cars going by on the road.

Yes I agree with the other anonymous writer here in stating that a nightscope blurrs and exaggerates any light source.

We know she is videoing planes and heliocopters but she needs to know...So...Get some expert opinions in here.

Being in the middle of at least 14 airports and military bases, what are the odds of them being planes and heliocopters?

Not only are there Military bases by her but up to FOURTEEN helioports and airports and she is
smack in the middle of them.

Anonymous said...

So what if there's heliports, airports, or military bases nearby. Kecksburg happened not far from Murrysville. Rendelsham Forest Incident was by TWO MILITARY BASES and I'm sure airports/heliports too. So what? Debunkers would say they were seeing things too then, when they say the golden light was IN THE WOODS and somehow was delusional when they said the small triangle craft rose up silently from the woods, turned into a round light, shot down a beam of light, then sped away? All the excuses for any of these sightings can be dreamed up and easy posts like, "only a helicopter or plane" without being there. They are not qualified to speak if they don't go there to see themselves, and deserve to be blocked or deleted for being cowards. So, you can either remain cowards afraid it might be true, or prove you're not by going there (or any of the other places where similar crafts were filmed by others listed on her YouTube channel). Quit your whining and just do it!

RAGE4TRUTH said...

I am a Paranormal Investigator in Murrysville. I have spoken with Alison about her Vids and she invited me to come out and see for myself and make a call on it.
We did just that and have opened an investigation to find out just what was it she was looking at. Another investigator and I witnessed the light anomalies she was recording for ourselves. We have an idea of what they are but will some have conclusive evidence posted soon.

Our job is to find truths, not theories or philosophies though we have our own.
What you do with the findings is up to you.

Anonymous said...

I am another person from murrysville pa and on may 15, 2013, I saw a roundish UFO flying in and out of the clouds with 4 very bright headlight like things just in the front of the UFO. I have two pictures of it but I was in my car so it was a bit rough.

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