Sunday, May 30, 2010

Triangle Lights over russia Jan 2010

Russia - Jan 2010 - Common orbs changing into the triangle formation, this seems like a very familiar trend we see alot.
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, ANY 3 points connect to form a triangle. We need to stop focusing on these types of sightings. They can so easily be explained as chinese laterns, lighted balloons or flares.

Push Back said...

Interesting that the USA and Russian governments do nothing. Interesting no won goes up in a plane , not even a privately owned plane. When I point out the private plane issue , people close their minds. Russia has some strange colored skies.

Push Back said...

The word verification words are not made up of random letters of the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

I saw a triangle once in Toledo, Spain and I got to say that they were blue and they were definitely not stars, they were moving in a perfect triangle in a straight line like an squadron.


dvvid said...

Maybe all these triangle formations are a message for us to focus on the pyramids of Gizeh (or elsewhere/everywhere).

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