Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Air Controllers Tracking an Unidentified Flying Object on radar

This is interesting. Air traffic control radar in Yakutsk, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia is tracking a UFO. Radar system gives it speed of 9800 km/h and altitude of 19780 meters. Object is also changing direction instantly. Nice detail I noted is that, as the object has not sent any ident signal to the secondary surveillance radar, or SSR, the system has tagged the object with default number 00000.
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Anonymous said...

It is probably a cigar mothership fixing a trajectory before taking off out of our atmosphere. This is similar to when people see sauces doing erratic manouvers and then zipping of in one dirrection at super high speed. This looked like it was a large craft on the radar and this matches the footage I've seen of Large cigar ufo's at high altitude going super fast. Has anyone seen the footage from september 2001 in pensilvania of the cigar shaped ufo that was captured by accident by a CNN crew filming planes near the crash during 911. The camera man did'nt realise that he had got this footage until they slowed it down for editing in the studio and realised they captured the footage of the dark orange cigar shaped ufo at really high altitude moving really quickly. This craft also had 2 slver discs attached at each end. This footage is the reason why i think this is what is being picked here on radar. The footage from 2001 was taken from the studio by the FBI after it aired on numerous news networks. It was on the net for awhile but I have not been able to find the original news clips.anyone else seen the video from sept 2001 I refer to.

Push Back said...

I am looking over the control panel , looks very plain. And then the flash to the colorful radar screen , and I am thinking about that also. . I know this , no one can be trusted.

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