Friday, June 04, 2010

Ring type Object

These Strange  ring type Images were posted on Location unknown.
I have posted about the ring Ufos numerous times, although black smoke rings can be created the white ones remain a puzzling phenomenon:
Source -
Any Similarities.. I guess it looks a bit like that right type (possibly remote controlled?) thing seen over LA last week

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Anonymous said...

That ring isn't any ufo. It can be created by blasting fire, just like puffing smoke into the air.

Oxize said...

Thise white rings, are filled with volcano gasses and have a whitish glow in the sun. The color of the rings depends what the constistency of the volcano inside is. It are no UFO.

Anonymous said...

The ring in those pics was over the volcano that blew in Iceland recently. Ejakbleurgheblar... A similar photo was also in The Sun.

Anonymous said...

the last one is a helicopter w/lights on blades

Anonymous said...

They said in the description NO KNOW WHITE SMOKES!!!! DER!!! No research needed... "It are no UFO"? Why would I listen to someone with such terrible grammar?? And how do you KNOW that these rings are filled with volcano gas... much less any gas?? Looks like it GLOWING so... Very much looks like a UFO

Anonymous said...

humming he said, hm.
reminds me on "die glocke".

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