Saturday, June 05, 2010

Aliens communicate through Pilot in mexico - Acapulco control Tower recordings

The Airpspace over mexico is known one of the most active Ufo regions on Earth. If these control tower recordings from Acapulco Airport are infact real then this report is gravely concerning for pilots flying over the area. Basically the pilot had an experience (not sure if he was infact abducted) but its likely he was telepathically influenced to convey some message. If anyone can add to the translation this would be appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

"They" are coming closer and closer to us....I think we are ready for a real contact NOW!!

Anonymous said...

The cheek of those aliens! The only reason we have an auto-destructive mentality is because of the centuries of manipulation BY THEM!! and they're still at it!!

Get up on your feet and smile people - we can change it any time we want :)

Push Back said...

I have seen these pictures before , somewhere

Push Back said...

The WORD VERIFICATION Words are not made up of random letters of the alphabet. These Word Verification words look familiar to me .

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