Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strange objects near the Sun May 29th, 2010

May 29 More NASA SOHO images
Remember the sun is huge so these small objects are actually enormous.
But what are they, camera issues, objects emitted by the sun or Ufos? I would really like to know.
You comments appreciated?
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william galison said...

It would seem that the shadows on these "objects" do not conform to their position relative to the sun,
Even in a false color photo, they would still reflect light and cast a shadow.

I don't think they represent physical objects (which would be the size of the earth if near the sun).

Anonymous said...

What you're seeing are not actual objects, but artifacts of the extreme and very lossy onboard compression scheme used to cram even the reduced-format (512 x 512 rather than 2048 x 2048 native format) images into the 633 bps we get in near-realtime "space weather beacon mode" telemetry instead of the 240 Kbps we get on solid state recorder dumps through the Deep Space Network. The full resolution data via the DSN are compressed losslessly onboard and replace the beacon mode images when we get them 2 - 3 days later.

The artifacts are most likely to show up when there's a charged particle (cosmic ray or solar energetic particle) hitting the CCD detector in the SECCHI EVUI instrument (or one of the other SECCHI cameras).
If you're interested in the specific compression scheme that does the damage, it's a variant of the ICER compression used on the Mars Rovers, but cranked way up. Please see the attached paper, especially Figure 2, for examples of what happens when you set the compression dial too high on ICER.

We only use such high compression in order to follow developing solar activity within a time scale of the transmission time from the spacecraft (now approaching 10 minutes), plus data receipt and retransmission, and processing time on the ground (~ 5 minutes). Often not so pretty but adequate for early warning.

Anonymous said...

OK, think about why they all chose 2012 in the beginning. It was all just about a Mayan calendar. But for Mayans, nothing happens after 2012, it's just a new cycle that is beginning.

Then they all went crazy because of the solar cycle which should reach its maximum at 2012 (what a nice coincidence!). Now, newer calculations of sunspots <a href=">predict the maximum solar activity around 2013/2014</a>.

What is a fact is that the solar activity has a direct impact on psychic activity. Now that is fascinating.

Have a look at the study of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta about correlation of solar activity and stock markts here:

Citation from the abstract:
"A large body of psychological research has shown that geomagnetic storms have a profound effect on people's moods, and, in turn, people's moods have been found to be related to human behavior, judgments and decisions about risk."

One shouldn't spend too much time on listening to words like "This and that will happen" when there is no explanation, _why_ this and that should happen.

-- zerwas

Anonymous said...

Sooo close to the sun...No,I don't think so....!!?Too hot even for them...!!! OR...??LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see.. anything at all? And given the low res of the video and limited colour I would say this is extremely inconclusive.

This website/blog is fantastic and I love checking it most days, but its a disappointment when I see things like this.

Push Back said...

The word verification words are not random letters of the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

Terrible video, virtually nothing is visible and absolutely nothing indicates the few "objects" are "mother ships" or UFOs. They could be Mercury, Venus, or photographic artifacts. Much ado about nothing. Posts like that one do nothing but ruin what little credibility exists within the UFO community. "Look at me, I posted this and have outdone NASA..." Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Its matter ejected by the sun - we must be desperate in belief of UFO's to think these are 'alien' ships.

Anonymous said...

the official story is that these "objects" are image processing artifacts. So...if they are, why have they only been appearing recently? On the flip side though, why do they appear then disappear? One would think that on at least two images (consecutive)one of the "objects" would only move a little or be in the same spot.hmm.

Anonymous said...

I'am also interested to know about this strange phenomenae. What I do not understand is this: Why does NASA not change the 15 minute period the satellite takes these pictures?

When they would take more pictures with less time between them we would be able to get a better view and see what is really going on. We only see intervals and never full sequences.


Mats said...

If this is nothing, then why do NASA remove the pictures from their site?

1. UFO image NASA Reupload

2. UFO image NASA Reupload

3. UFO image NASA Reupload

There is also a couple of UFO images from May 30th on NASAs site,

They'll probably be gone soon too :s

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