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Spiral light Ufo over Australia - new reports - US SpaceX rocket or not ?

The spiral light over Australia has made mainsteam news over night. Here are just a few reports from different news channels in Australia. The latest explanation is that the
light is actually produced from the launch of new advanced US rocket - the SpaceX rocket (read below). Would like to hear your comments about this latest development especially if you actually saw this light - rocket or not?. Further discussion available via our partner UfoEvolution forums
Channel 7

Channel 10

RealUfos reader witness testimonial:
I saw the spiral in the sky at 5.50 am from Bundaberg QLD. I was looking at it through the kitchen window that faces south and it was like a white misty ball with a white misty spiral coming off it, it was stationary for about a minute before it headed slowly east. I ran out to the front of the house and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so I saw it clearly, slowly heading out to sea. It changed from a spiral and became a lose mist that looped around the white ball in different shapes before it faded on it's way out to sea. There was still a white ball centre even though the spiral lost it's shape gradually. To me, it appeared to be only the height that a small 2 seater plane might fly because it was so clear and it was moving at about the same speed that a small plane might fly. There was no colour or blinking though, it definately was not a small plane.
Zoomed in:

New report about it being a rocket:

A bright spiralling light, believed by astronomers to be a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, was spotted in skies across Australia's east coast just before dawn on Saturday, sparking a UFO frenzy.....

He said the timing was right for the SpaceX rocket to have travelled over the Atlantic Ocean, Africa and the Indian Ocean and be in skies over Australia at the time the spiralling light was seen.
The fact that it could be seen over such a broad area meant whatever caused the flare had to be very high in the atmosphere or in orbit above the Earth, Jacob added.
"All the information points to this SpaceX rocket," he said.
The launch of the privately owned Falcon 9 test rocket marked a milestone for the space industry in the race to develop commercial carriers capable of ferrying cargo and astronauts to the orbiting International Space Station.

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Anonymous said...

Rocket my arse.

This is Norway, chapter 2.

PiXX said...

i just have 1 big problem with all explanation officials etc give if there is an "unnormal" event:

Why they tell it afterwards? thats the reason why i dont believe all of them. they know it much earlier so why they dont talk to public like "ppl if u see sth at blabla...thats us".

For me its the proof of lying.

Anonymous said...

I love how they say this was a satellite or rocket stage burning up in the atmosphere. We've been firing off rockets, and had satellites up there orbiting for years, and now twice, within months of each other, we see spiraling things in the sky that have never been seen before. And it's just a rocket. Or satellite.


Success said...

i think they're just hiding the truth. all this rocket stuff is a cover-up for something bigger!

Push Back said...

I am 60 years old and I have never seen any pictures of rocket spiraling of the past. I have looked at many pictures of rockets out of control , but to make Perfect Spirals? . If ya walk like a duck , talk like a duck , look like a duck , then you are a duck.

Push Back said...

The WORD VERIFICATION Words are not random letters of the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

this object is no rocket, this spiral seems to hang in the sky for ages. now if it was a rocket it would be in low orbit like some satelites. now im sure every one has seen the satelites crossing overhead at night they look like fast moving dim stars these sats cross the sky in a matter of minutes this spiral does not, its visible for quite a while not like a object in orbit would.

Anonymous said...

It is a rocket , we made it

what you saw was firing of the pumps without the benefit of a spark

We screwed up on the spark

Otherwise we could have gone past the moon


Anonymous said...

if it was a rocket or something as simple why havent the people responible come out and said so instead of leaving everyone guessing and making it look like somebody is hiding something...something is going on

Anonymous said...

i live in california and actually seen that same light twice!!!!! i thought of it as nothing the first time , but after seeing it again last night around 5a.m.(jan 5, 2011) and reading this article im definately begining to get spectacle . this light was facing south east direction . please reply on same post if having any "serious" info about this strange light .. (i seriously dont think its a UFO!!!

Anonymous said...

I know everyone is stupid ! we will believe anything the governments say. 'WE the educated people cannot figure out the engravings in seen only from the mountain tops in peru its a snake, the spirals were made by uneducated people. Australia the native abs have the same thing painted on stone, the spiral. Bosnian pyramids engraved in stone, spirals. The hopi american indians on stone, spirals. Hmmm I think its a big spiral of my last dinner thats what that is ! Back then they were amazed of how there own shit looked like. peace life is short.

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