Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ufo wave in Australia ?

First this sighting in Adelaide and now the spiral Ufos in Australia (above post) - whats happening down under ? RealUfos would like to hear directly from fellow Aussies if they have had any recent sightings.. please reply if you have seen anything directly to tell us first-hand what what you saw and keep your eyes to the skies if you live in Australia over the coming nights!

Mysterious bright lights have been captured in the sky near Kadina, northwest of Adelaide.

Now, local residents are convinced they're being visited by UFOs.

The strange lights hovering across the sky were caught on camera by amateur UFO 'spotters;' a group of locals who are hot on the tail of these mysterious objects.

Witnesses' reports alleged the lights do not resemble a helicopter or plane, but are unique, silent, hovering aircrafts.

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