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Spiral Ufo Object seen in Australia 5th June - Breaking News

This is breaking Ufo news in Australia. RealUfos would like to hear ASAP from fellow aussies who may have witnessed or have further photos of the amazing spiral object seen over Australia on the 5th of June, please reply to this post as we would like to know more.
This is not the first time of a mass witnessing of a spiral object seen in the sky, with a strikingly similar major spiral sighting ocurring back in Norway december 2009 - some in the Ufo community are questioning the possibility that the spirals are some form of preparation for first contact.
The story doesn't stop here...  most disturbingly Colin Andrews has been reporting over the last few weeks  repeated anomolous radar rings over eastern Australia , at first i discounted these reports as weird but now taking into consideration the sightings of the spiral  there may be some connection .. surely this is no co-incidence? ... Either way, there is something going on here that we aren't being told yet... what is causing the spirals?  HAARP , missile testings or Ets?  :
People across New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT say they were startled this morning by a huge white light moving across the sky.

Canberra resident James Butcher says he was driving home from a night out with his brother when they spotted the "strange spiral light in the sky".

"It had a distinct bright centre, much like a bright star, indicating an object shedding light trails, spiralling and fattening out from it," he said.

"The effect lasted only two or three minutes, moving and descending quickly out of view.

"The colour was yellowish but this may have been blurred and tinted by the morning fog."

Wollongong man Eddie Wise says he also saw the light during his morning walk just before 6:00am....
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It was a mass sighting so we have quite a bit of youtube footage coming in from Australia - here are a few clips.. keep you post when more comes out.

2nd clip

3rd clip
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Anonymous said...

Are we in Cold War again? But this time nobody but the governments no about it because it is all happening in high orbit/space?

Anonymous said...

i bet they gonna say its a missile again.

Anonymous said...

im in brisbane australia and just caught a bit of this story on the news havent seen this thing myself but i think they said it was seen today and yesterday so there might be more on this story tomorrow if it continues, ill try catch a look at it.

Anonymous said...

I think it strange that this light object has appearred only days after Lennox Head experienced a tornado, which wiped out many many houses. Double strange as we in Australia have never had tornadoes this violent.

When the sprial appeared over norway, was there any strange activity up to a couple days before it appeared?

Papua New Guinea has also reported these sprial events, they are over a major earthquake zone.

Is HAARP involved in these events?

Anonymous said...

Well no surprises, they are trying to say that this was caused by a rocket launch from the other side of the world! Guess they had to come up with something, but do they really think people are that stupid? Some reasons why it is not the Falcon 9 missile launched in USA;
1. Launch time and sighting time don't align (and how could it be seen so far away? must have been the rocket of all rockets
2.The Falcon 9 was a successful launch - no malfunctions.
3. Rockets don't travel by flipping over themselves.

Anonymous said...

myself and about six others saw this ufo this morning at work. there was more than one light coming from the ufo and it looked to be closer to the ground in real life than all the footage that i have seen. it didn't spin the whole time but it looked like it had it's own cloud, and the light was coming from the top and the bottom with a another light in the direction it was travelling. was no rocket...

Antonio said...

this is haarp.

Anonymous said...

Tornado at Lennox Head and now a Mag. 5 earthquake in South Australia. if its HAARP or UFO visitation I don't know, but seriously haven't we all felt this sense of something is about to happen soon? If that happens to be related to this then wow... but the state of our world and everything in it is rapidly changing, even as we speak.

Anonymous said...

OMG ACTUALLY SAW IT :) i was at my school at 5 in the mOrning -_- waiting to leave for camp and then i was like HOLEY CRAP ALIENS and All my friends were like huh and i was like LOOK :O

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