Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Ancient Aliens 2010 Series Season 2 - Underwater Worlds

New episode from History my favorite show at the moment - Ancient Aliens:
Ancient underwater cities can be found around the globe, but could these aquatic worlds be the ruins of unknown civilizations--or even proof of extraterrestrial visitations? The infamous tale of the long lost city of Atlantis may be a preserved memory of an ancient alien metropolis. Beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru, the ruins of recently discovered temples support local legends of an underwater UFO base. Ancient Indian texts, known as Sangams, describe sunken cities where aliens and humans intermingled thousands of years ago. Who could have built the 600-foot stepped stone structure off the coast of Japan--a site that may predate the Egyptian pyramids by thousands of years? Could evidence of ancient alien contact lie buried in Earth's deepest oceans


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Anonymous said...

the hosts that present this show are retarded wackos and give the phenomena a bad image. if you met a person on the streets with 8" high frizzy hair and a mega tan that looks he got at hasselhoff's place, would you take them seriously?

Anonymous said...

I guess it doesn't mater who tells the story,because visually,its all steering us in the face,as to what
it is, or was! so amazing!!?
so long ago!
The Divers have done all the hard work,that we would have not otherwise known about,and I for one
am grateful for that!
One step closer to something!?....?

Anonymous said...

LOL - I'm relieved to know that I am not the only one sees Giorgio Tsoukalos as the "Crown Clown" of ancient astronaut theorists. That guy grinds at my nerves like a deaf, dumb & blind dentist never could. His hair is 50% Don King & 50% Larry Fine, his tan comes from a spray can, and if his looks weren't enough, he keeps that sh*t eating grin on his face no matter how serious the subject is at the time.
I realize that one's looks & appearance have little to do with one's acumen, and Tsoukalos does seem to hold an impressive working knowledge on the subject, however; it really is difficult to take someone seriously who looks like something out of a "Scooby Doo" Saturday morning cartoon skit.
I have been an ardent student of UFOlogy, Cryptozoology, and the paranormal for over 3 decades so there isn't much on the show that is new to me, but I do learn something from each episode no matter how small it is.
I applaud The History Channel for having the nads to invest in shows such as Ancient Astronauts and UFO Files - I only hope that they have the ware-with-all to keep it up.

*** - And, Mr. Tsoukalos, for God's sake, keep your fingers away from electrical outlets.

Anonymous said...

LOOK! Are we more focussed on,
Giorgio Tsoukalos, & the catwalk
talk!? or what he was portraying
in "Ancient Aliens!"
The story is what matters!
You guys might know him better than we do, but you know,is that a good reason to rubbish this guy?
He did his job! & it takes all sorts, to make this world go round.
The phrases, that were bestowed upon him, were not reasonable!
Freedom of speech, YES! but there
are some things, you just DON'T say
WHY!...Well for example!?
Lets revers those phrases on you!
How would you think & feel then!?
More of "Ancient Aliens" Please!

Anonymous said...

I actually like Tsoukalos' hair, reminds me of the time I electrocuted myself*

*I didn't actually electrocute myself

On a more serious note, for anyone after these, simply type them in on "". Superb series, and to those moaning about Tsoukalos, don't you find David Childress (I think that's his name) more annoying? He really bugs me when he says "some KIND"

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