Monday, November 08, 2010

New Ancient Aliens - Gods & Aliens

I love the ancient aliens series, season 2 is out on History so stay tunned for new episodes.
Here is the latest episode Gods & Aliens:
Myths and legends have long been regarded as fantastic stories that describe powerful gods, mutant giants and fearsome monsters. But why do so many different cultures, separated by vast distances, tell the same stories? Is it possible that myths and legends were really eyewitness accounts of ancient astronauts descending to Earth? Ancient texts are filled with stories of gods interacting with humans, offering wisdom, technology, and even impregnating women. Could the demigods of mythology have been the offspring of alien and human unions? If so, could aliens have supplied the Missing Link that accelerated human evolution, advancing our civilization and making us who we are today?


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Anonymous said...

Thank ` you for the informative web videos .

Anonymous said...

That gorgio guy needs to stop tanning so much he looks like he stuck his finger in the outlet

Anonymous said...

Google --- Blue Ufo Virginia---

It is a CNN I report...

This is important video

Anonymous said...

"Ancient Aliens"...Reminds me of a
video I had seen,some time ago,
of a GIGANTIC stone: 72ft.long &
1052 Tons.....Located near Baalbek
in Lebanon.
Can you imagine moving this 1052 tons, from "A to B" to day, and
remember its 72ft.long...SO...
how did they, do it in ancient times?..My take is,they weren't
so ancient as we have thought!.....

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