Monday, November 08, 2010

Japan - what was it?

Some puzzleing Ufo footage on Japanese TV - just what was it?
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's quite old footage (2005) but highly interesting. I couldn't find further information on it so far.

This is the full 4 minutes about this UFO:

Too bad i don't speak a word japanese (yet). His shirt says "Base of UFO" and "Enganmori", whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

yes, 2005.

i hate when people are putting new dates in old videos!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that pops up as a question in my mind is why, if you are shooting footage of something so clearly, that is so close, you would take the camera off of it, and further, why you would stop filming it. That makes no sense.

From the first comment, here, it may be, though, that the footage here is just a short and cropped edited version of a (longer) original.

I'll check out that anon's link.

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