Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mystery Missile or Ufo over Southern California continues to make the news

The mystery Missile spotted over Southern California continues to make the news, especially as the missile remains unknown in origin according to the US Navy. Some say a Ufo is in the footage but that spec is meant to be a helicopter.
The Pentagon insisted no arm of the US military was responsible for a mystery "missile" that left a vapour trail off the coast of southern California yesterday.
Video footage aired on US television showed an object with a big plume of smoke about 56km off the coast heading in a northwest direction. The immediate speculation was that it was a missile launched from a US nuclear submarine or ship.
But the Pentagon appeared puzzled, insisting no military rocket launch had occurred since last Friday. Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said: "Nobody within the Department of Defence we've reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from." continue reading
Here are just a few news reports:
The missile trail

Report 1

report 2
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Anonymous said...

Yeah we had one a little while back here in Canada. Never did find out what it was. Here is the story:

Anonymous said...

What happened to so-called missile defense to take it down if pentagon doesn't think it's ours??

Anonymous said...

So much for security!? that a Missile can be launched 35 miles of the coast of California, one knows anything about it!???
Yeah right! some one here, is telling Porkies!
Has some one goofed, with an ICBM???
Hell NO!!..We can all make mistakes
can't we!?...HELL NO!...
But no one knows anything,.....YET!

Anonymous said...

Hey dude. Whatyasay! This is something we don't see everyday.

What a sight! Lemme get a camera to capture a such rare moment!

A moment later, we see a mushroom cloud. Yay to ICBM being preserved for an upcoming apocalypse! No wait. We are already dead.

Anonymous said...

OK. the best explanation now is that it's actually the distant, dispersing contrail of a passenger jet coming towards the camera from beyond the horizon.

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