Monday, November 08, 2010

Most Astronauts have seen Ufos

Astronauts - our most famous and credible space travelers have come forward and admitted to seeing Ufos - so why isn't this in the mainstream news?

Gordon Cooper
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Push Back said...

Gordon Cooper is acting very strange.

Anonymous said...

the fist vid the sound is so scerwed up i cant hear what they are saying.

will galison said...

While it is true that Cooper and Mitchell are very convincing in their accounts, it's really unfounded disingenuous to say that "Most astronauts have seen UFO's" - except perhaps in the broadest sense of the term UFO.

Aldrin says that "God"put the monolith oh Phoebus, Musgrove says he's seen no evidence of visitation.

There are dozens of other astronauts who have not said a thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I noticed his strangeness,
a drone in his voice,...and he looks you sraight in the eye,with
that fixed gaze,almost hypnotic.
I would say, he has been like that
for some time...Might have had a stroke!?
But one thing for sure, he had the right stuff!!.................

Trstknow1 said...

The testimonies from Cooper and Mitchell I can take to the bank, as for most other "UFO" reports they are questionable. Until a definitive undisputable video or report arises I'm still in the prove it to me mode.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm missing something here,but I haven't seen
much of Dr.Edbar Mitchells, recent
activities...Has anyone?? 2010 ?

galison said...

Cooper had Parkinson's disease which affected his speech.

Anonymous said...

Space madness I say!!

Anonymous said...

Gordon..."Parkinson's disease!"
Well there ya go! I never knew that
that explains a lot!...Thank you!!

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