Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ufos Over Arizona 11/11/10

Thanks to a realufos reader for submitting this new Ufo video from Arizona. As you may know Arizona is a well known Ufo hotspot, would like hear as a reply to this post from people in the area who may have also witnessed this sighting:

Posters comments:
I filmed this last night 11/11/10 happened to walk out side see this and run in and grab the camera i was surprised they stayed as long as they did around 3-4 minutes before vanishing. I'm puzzled they were flashing bright lights toward each object and moving oddly. it was in a highly populated area i just dont understand how im the only one so far that has seen it and said something. The one object glowed a Blueish/Purple and the other was red
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Michael said...

Ooks like two remote controlled helicopters IMO

Anonymous said...

Just looks like typical FAA lights. Nothing special. The videographer answered his own question why no one else saw it: Because nothing unusual is happening here.

Anonymous said...

Me and my friend saw the same thing but there were 6 lights, and they were all moving very fast and quietly toward the east. We live in Mesa, AZ. They looked to be exactly what u had filmed but moving in one direction really fast. It was after 11:25pm Nov 11th 2010. We saw it too man.

Nick DK said... on the remote controlled toys also.

Just delete it and lets move on.
There are alot more intresting things out there 2 put on the site!

Michael said...

I say remote controlled helicopters because the lights appear to be flying very low, and once they stop in the air it appears as if they droop slightly as rc helicopters do. It also appears as if the street lamp was put there as an optical illusion in order to make them appear further away, when really theyre only a block or so away.

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