Monday, November 08, 2010

UFO over Centreville, Virginia - Did you see that blue light?

I have received many emails from people in Centreville about a bright blue light moving above the sky Wednesday night. Do we have any further idea on what the object was?

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting sighting, though the mundane explanation would be that it was probably a remote controlled object like a helicopter or something. It would make noise but probably not enough to be heard. I would like to know how it finally departed. Did it shoot off rapidly or just turn off?

Anonymous said...

BLUE LIGHT!?...Royalty checking
their farm! Ha!ha! the Blues!??...Now, if it were a Red light!..............?

Anonymous said...

il tell you why so many ufos a showing up all around the world in one word "nibiru" to them watching earth being wiped out would be like us watchin tv and believe me, nibiru is real and almost here !

Michael said...

Last night I witnessed 3 UFOs within an hour where I live. I'm starting to think either people aren't observant enough, or I live near sone sort of superhighway of UFO activity. The first, simalar to the 1 shown in the video. SIMILAR, but not at all the same. It started out as a white orb, hung motionless in the sky for 2 or so mins, then started to mode upward slowly, once it gained altitude the white light dimmed and it turned on a blue spinning light (not like a police chopper) this light appeared to rotate around the entire craft, once it reached a relatively higher altitude, the blue light dimmed and a red light began to rotate around the craft. It moved to the east slowly gaining altitude until it disappeared behind a ridgeline. Again, completely silent. That was 1 of 3 in the same night. I've seen atleast 30 different crafts in the last 2 years. There's an insane Amy of activity 'round here.

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