Thursday, July 12, 2012

New UK Mod Files Released This July By The National Archives

The National Archives in the UK, have recently released a further set of 25 new UFO files from the UK MoD (Ministry of Defence). The new files show us how seriously the Defence Office considered the UFO phenomenon to be, with UFO desk officers appointed to monitor UFO activity in space and also to consider both the purpose and intent of UFO visitation.
Many assume the time delayed release nature of these files by the UK government is seen as a strategy for eventual full disclosure to the public of the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs.
I highly recommend that you all to take time to read the new July files here for yourself.
A photograph released by the new National Archives show a military helicopter inspecting a triangle orb formation:

BRITAIN has released an archive detailing government briefings on unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The 25 files released by The National Archives include "a lengthy briefing on UFO policy to then Prime Minister Tony Blair's office'' along with a job description for the post of UFO desk officer, described as the "weirdest job in Whitehall''.  Britain's defence intelligence agency considered the possibility of alien craft visiting Earth and asked "UFO desk officers" to monitor any potential threat from outer space, hitherto top secret documents released on Thursday show. 
Thousands of pages of highly classified files document how officials in the Ministry of Defence were worried they would be accused by the public of not taking UFOs seriously enough, and how some thought there really could be someone out there.
"It was important to appreciate that what is scientific 'fact' today may not be true tomorrow," a defence intelligence officer warned in August 1993
"If the sightings are of devices not of the Earth, then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority. There had been no apparently hostile intent and other possibilities are one, military reconnaissance; two, scientific; three, tourism."
He pointed out: "It was only a few hundred years ago that 'scientists' believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe." He added: "It was generally agreed until early this century that the atom could not be split." Sightings of alleged UFOs could be explained by very strange-shaped clouds, ball lightning, or US "black" (secret project) aircraft, the unidentified official suggested. Read more source

Web interview discussion on the new files release:
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