Thursday, July 12, 2012

UFO Filmed Over Lyttelton, New Zealand 29/06/2012 11:56pm

Video footage of a UFO, filmed by a reader over Lyttelton, New Zealand 29/06/2012 11:56pm.
If you live in the area and also saw these lights, please post a reply.

Posters comments:
Filmed this standing outside my car at 11:56pm looking directly up in the port city of lyttelton (15 minutes out of Christchurch) New Zealand. I have sent the footage to UFOcus, NZ`s ufo reporting website and they spoke of a huge increase in sightings before and after the Big earthquakes Christchurch has had but have not been covered as to avoid frightening the public.

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bloggeration said...

Nice video. I live on Mt Pleasant and saw something very similar 7 months ago - reported to ufocus as well - craft (triangular) was moving from Lyttelton direction over Mt Pleasant toward North. Lights around the craft switching on/off and appeared to move about it. All lights moved in unison. Lights were coloured red/orange. No noise. These aliens must like hanging out with us in ChCh?!lol.

Anonymous said...

looks like lantins or summet like that i aint convinced

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