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UFO Cover-up Due to Danger Posed to Commercial Air Travel ?

Following on from the highly interesting last post with ufo footage sent in by a pilot I wanted to remind everyone of the long history of Pilot ufo reports. Its a very important topic in Ufology because pilots are the most credible Ufo witnesses. Its a shame that the FAA and numerous US passenger aircraft companies crush pilots who come forward with ufo reports. One would have to wonder why the punishments are so extreme, compared to countries like Mexico where pilots freely talk about their ufo sightings?. I have been reminded that the coverup is due to danger Ufos pose to commercial air travel. Any admission to Ufos in airspace would mean that the safety of the air could not be guaranteed thus making commercial air travel a risky business and no one wants that.
I welcome any further discussion on this topic.
Ufo black box recordings:

 Manchester UFO pilot's 'near miss':
A 'near miss' between a passenger plane and a UFO near Manchester Airport is included in a number of secret files released by the government. The 'close encounter' was officially reported by the flight crew of a Boeing 737 back in January 1995. The pilot and first officer described seeing a 'large grey object' fly so close past the plane it made them duck Ufo in Belgium chased by air force F16's
JAL Flight 1628 UFO Incident Over Alaska New Re-creation
In November, 1986, a Japanese crew of a jumbo freighter aircraft witnessed a UFO while flying over the state of Alaska. This sighting gained international attention when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it was going to officially investigate this sighting because the Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage, Alaska, had reported that the UFO had been detected on radar. Captain Terauchi was featured on numerous radio and TV programs and in People Magazine.
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Nemesis said...

I would suggest that no airline today could guarantee air safety. That is why airlines, such as Qantas, do not advertise their safety records as a customer attraction. There are still too many things that can go wrong.

There was a report commissioned by the Truman Administration sometime in 1945 or '46, concerning the social repercussions of Human civilzation upon contacting extra-terrestrial civilizations. Einstein and Oppenheimer were two of the number of scientists whose opinions were sought to be included in this report. But why was this report commissioned and for what purpose?

Out of that report came the belief that Humanity at that time could not withstand the 'cultural shock' of coming to terms with not being alone in the universe as widely thought at that time. But was this sound reasoning based on the standard of education at the time? Whatever the conclusion that resulted from that report it is quite obvious that we have had over sixty years of secrecy and non-disclosure, particularly from the U.S. government and military, whenever the term U.F.O. is mentioned.

So what is the real purpose of all that secrecy?

Lady said...

Pilots are the most skilled at identifying things in the sky. I have always felt that the stories of downed pilots chasing UFO's and died were the most viable evidence and strongest cases considering people lost their lives. Recently I have discovered more of these stories and my heart goes out to those families who never got answers. Perhaps shedding more light on these lost souls will help disclosure.
I think it would be a great idea to run a story on these guys here and I'm planning on dedicating a website strictly for these pilots that lost their lives chasing UFO's in hopes they will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

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