Sunday, July 08, 2012

UFOs Over Loredo, Texas

UFO Hunters Roswell. Laredo 2012 Lectures:

"The Laredo Paranormal Research Society is back from a trip to Roswell where they were one of the presenters for this year's UFO conference. The team was invited to present some of their recordings of Laredo's night sky that show that the Paranormal Society says are unexplained object floating above us. 
“This is in northeast part of Laredo. You can see there's nothing. We’ve checked google maps and ranchers areas.” “They multiply from 1 to 2 we've seen up to ten lights at the same time.” All of the images are not visible to the naked eye, but are seen on infra red cameras. Like this triangle shaped object believed to be a UFO over the Winfield subdivision. And these mysterious blinking lights. Then there's the fast floating object near an airplane over loop 20 in far north Laredo. “You can see combustion structure of airplane at the same distance same night a round that you can see. Full of energy.”
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