Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meteor Crashes In Tarapaca Region of Chile: July 2012

New report just in about a recent meteor crash in Chile this month. It attracted the interest of the Chilean air force that monitored the town after the crash. If you live in Chile and have further photos of the crash please submit them to the site using the 'submit' button above.
News report:

The director of the National Emergency Office (Onemi) in the region of Tarapaca, Mario Hernandez, told La Tercera that there is no certainty about the origin of "luminous object" that was seen in the skies of Iquique between 23.30 and 23.40 pm yesterday, and that the agency responsible for issuing this information is the Air Force of Chile, Fach. 
"Indeed there was a very powerful light or brightness, accompanied by a trail that no one knows for sure what it is, we as Onemi what we did was monitored to see if it caused any other emergency or any involvement in the region, fortunately this did not happen. 

Referring to the object, what could be or what it was really the Fach will make a statement about noon, "Hernandez said in a telephone interview. The Regional Director also indicated that no video recording in which the object appears bright or reporting the inhabitants of the region. Hernandez was emphatic in stating that the object was not an emergency. "We monitor the area to see if this had caused some other type of involvement or some other type of emergency and fortunately nothing happened," he said. Read more souce
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Anonymous said...

That is not a meteor. The vail will be lifted

catherine said...

so it was a that synonamous with a ufo ?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the US govt. just admit that they are cleaning up the space junk aqround the earth by forcing it thru the atmosphere back to the planet? i remember several years ago the govt. took away access from astronomers to monitor in-coming objects for this reason......

Anonymous said...

a meteor. uhh, and now?

Nothing Special, just a meteor,300 per day, and 10-20 comes to the ground. so what?

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