Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parallel UFO Orbs Over Buenos Aires Argentina 5th July 2012

Video of an 2 Parallel ufo orbs over Buenos Aires Argentina 5th July 2012:

Posters comments: Filmed 5/7/2012
UFO activity in the skies of Buenos Aires 
"It reiterates the opening / appearance of a" double UFO lenticular "(Lenticular UFO in two parallel shift) of great magnitude in the zenith of heaven (80 Height) Buenos Aires (They did not come from nowhere / sector, appeared there) then moved in 1m 25 sec (from below Mars) with arrumbamiento North and disappeared over before reaching Buenos Aires The 40 "high, the event happened to several flights at the same time Phenomenon in the area. "Star Maps. This strange activity specifically "DOUBLE" is happening in the skies Buenos Aires, more than a year ago and reiterated several times, with an amazing approach regarding the Zone Phenomenon Celeste, seems to have a radial zone / UFOs window up there, which crosses over the City and will north.
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Anonymous said...

Post visuals are great! Could do without the funky MUSAC.

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