Monday, November 23, 2009

Serious push to get the Stan Meyer device going - zero emissions are possible

This is big call out for any investors who want to help save the world - serious ..

If you live down under you probably have gone through the recent unusual heatwave.The last week we have had temperatures over 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) which is just not usual for November.

I almost passed out when i went outside! - the heat and humidity was just not normal for this time of year and everyone knows it. Also now with the news today more than
70% of our state is now in drought things aren't looking too good. The states food bowl (the Murray darling) is drying up for the first time ever and much produce is being imported.

The dramatic climatic changes are so obvious that we can't be blind to them anymore. Just last week a
gigantic iceberg was spotted in an ocean near Australia. The iceberg is almost twice as long as the Titanic! (can you believe that?) and experts are concerned the whole Antarctic ice shelf will be gone in the coming years:
So here's the purpose of this post - unlike what our governments are saying there is a solution to this problem - zero emissions technology is here but its not being implemented:

So this brings me to the topic of alternate energy yet again...

I strongly believe we need to stop using oil right now - the 2 biggest sources of carbon pollution are coal power plants and vehicle emissions. The technology to reduce vehicle emissions to zero is here and needs to be rolled out commercially as soon as possible. Forget about Hybrid cards and even electric cars - they still lead to emissions - hydrogen car technology is here and it works.

The technology has been around since the last 80's but with strong influence from oil companies the technology took a back seat after its inventor Stan Meyer was murdered in the mid 90's (not food poisioining as wikipedia would like you to know ) . Regardless, numerous Private research companies all over the world have worked on his hydrogen generator and numerous people have replicated Mr Meyers results - ie a generator that creates no emissions and runs on water. Unfortunately Mr Meyer put deliberate errors in and withheld details from the patent to the plans of his device to keep it secret so its taken a great amount of time for researchers to work out the efficiency level he got from his hydrogen generators.

Its also important to note that the convenient lawsuit claims used to 'black ban' Mr Meyer's device as a fraud in wikipedia (and thus steer away most people who research stan Meyer in google) don't reveal the disturbing revelations about that court case - read the final comment on this post.

Serious investment is needed to get a car into mass production using this technology. Its the shame the previous owners of paypal who put their money into Telsa motors didn't look closely at the work of Stan's - with serious investment this technology could be inside your car today by now . Much of the scientific community and even wikipedia dispute Stan's claims because evidence-based science doesn't understand yet how high frequency pulsed voltage can accelerate electrolysis exponentially (it doesn't take much to work out that pulsed high frequency breaks up covalent bonds instantly)- so the technology has been ignored - until now:

Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project has acquired the rights to Meyers technology and buggy. His organisation is looking to get the technology at a level where it can be developed commercially.

Many private researchers who have tried to get Meyers technology to this level but have realised they are up against the trillion dollar oil industry and enormous pressure is put on them from numerous levels as a result (like that Japanese company Genepax who shut down earlier this year) . There's no way they are going to let anyone take their lucrative oil market share away and so faced with this Hurdle the Orion Project needs to get as much support as possible .

If your concerned about the planet and want to invest in something please take at look at what the Orion Project is doing - we need to get this technology into commercial production asap:

(ohh and If your like Bill gates or some seriously cashed up person with philanthropic endevors why not look at doing the world a favour and help invest to make this technology a reality!)

Tv Interview:

A Louisiana company announced yesterdayy that they are in process of releasing plans for building a water fuel cell that produces enough hydroxy gas from water to run a generator to keep the electrolysis cell going as well as producing excess electricity for other use.
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suburbanknights said...

Stan Meyer was a fraud. He was found guilty of fraud in the late 90s after he conned investors to set up dealerships. Independent scientists concluded that his 'invention' was a con.

I'd love for a water engine to be real, but Mayer's wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't like smog ! but the global warming thing is a big lie :

Anonymous said...

It will not happen , the general public does not know any thing about any thing. As long as they can buy gasoline for under 5 dollars a gallon here in the USA they could care less.

Anonymous said...

Hmm they want us to believe he is a fraud but i looked into his court case... there was alot more going on that wasn;t revealed and the court case against him was a shame and full of holes... he was surely onto something ppl didnt want to come out

Anonymous said...

Stan Meyer sounds like he was in it for the money, even if his engine worked!

The technology needs to be out before they know about it!

But is it not out there already?

My head hurts!!!

Anonymous said...

The truth is that operating a vehicle on water by seperating out the hydrogen does work. Many informational diagrams and plans are on the internet and videos are on the internet showing it working. It is all so true that the rule of the day is oil and gas. A massive infrastructure is operating with oil and gas , so that is what we use. It is also true that the general public flat out does not care. As long as they can buy gasoline for under 5 dollars a gallon the general public here in the USA can care even less then less. I have been watching the humans on this planet for 60 years and I know what they are like.

Robert said...

Agreed. I see many people building their own hydrogen generators to save money on gas bills. Seems like the trend is gonna rise soon and most of us would be running our cars on water.

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