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Readers personal Ufo sightings January 2012

January 2012 Ufo sightings in from our readers.
Please remember to use the 'submit' button on our website to sent in your reports. If you have had sighting this month please send it in and i will add to this post.
The more reports we get the better we can piece together sightings!
Keep your eyes always to the Skies - Matt!

On a Friday Night 27Jan 2012, i was at near Fullerton Bay (opposite is MBS) chilling out with my friends. Then up in the clear dark sky i saw a round-shaped kind of light flying across going towards MBS direction. It was fast ! Then it just vanished! It took less than a second. It look like "sunny side up egg- like" kind of light, where the centre part is lit with brighter bluish- green light and the it surrounded by pale white light. at first I thought it was the rays of light from MBS lights performance, but it wasnt! there were no performannce at that time (around 10) Because i was facing the MBS the whole time! And i susected also the blinking lights from KItes, but the height where UFO was seen was way much higher ( almost near the top of MBS!) So thats why i am quite sure it was something unusual. I wasnt able tocapture with camera or video because was just too fast! my friends didnt witness what i saw. For the whole night i sat there oberseving the sky around the sighting spot , but nothing else spotted after that. I am sure its not a plane or performance light!!

Oakland US
About 8.00pm Friday thats 01,27,2012 we were outside and observed the exact amber orbs in a triangular formation,they were probably about ,15 or so miles away,as we watched they changed formation and disappeared one by one after 30 seconds or so they reappeared about 50 miles to the north west.

Kansas US
I work in Leavenworth Kansas and was driving home from work South on K7 hwy towards Shawnee Kansas. As I was crossing the river by Bonner Springs, I noticed an outline of white lights, 5 total that formed the point and two legs of an angle. In the middle and more towards the tip was on red blinking light. It was obviously dark outside and the object appeared to be VERY large. It was floating from east/southeast to west/ northwest while the very tip remained pointed towards the south. At first, I thought it might be a blimp since the Kansas City Chiefs were having a big Monday night game coming up within a week. However, it looked nothing like the blimps I had seen before. The fact that it had a red blinking light kind of threw me off also that it might be a normal aircraft. But, I know of nothing that large seemingly and with that shape and lighting. I did not visually see a craft, only the lights that outlined it. I also did not have a camera with me, but at 7PM, there should have been plenty witnesses. I don't remember the exact date except for it was the week prior to one of the Monday night games in KC.That would make it the week leading up to 10/31/11 or 11/21/11. Since daylight savings time would not have occured yet before 10/31, I doubt that it would have been completely dark yet so I am leaning towards the week leading up to 11/21. I don't know why I didn't make more of a mental note of the date, except to say that I was in a bit of a state of disbelief. I didn't even tell my wife until recently. Also, I kind of thought that it might have been military because of the red blinking light. It was definitely not anything
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Alienaxegrinder said...

South Africa
Last year I observed a large orange sphere flying from west to east. It changed in luminosity and velocity accordingly. Directly above me, the sphere stopped in mid flight and changed from orange to red, then accelerated straight upward at a hell of a speed diminishing in size until out of visual range.
I have seen this a few times now in different patterns with eye witnesses that were oposed to the idea of extraterrestrial life in our universe. This will be the year of contact with "Aliens" and the purpose of their existance. I am ready, are you?
[email protected]

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