Friday, February 03, 2012

Ufo Fireball Meteor over Texas Oklahoma Feb 2012

FAA says it was Meteor seen over Texas Oklahoma - what do you all think?
Doesn't look like a meteor to me.

Shortly after 7:20 p.m. Wednesday, people in two states looked to the sky to see a greenish streak of light that the Federal Aviation Administration has now said was a meteor.

FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said late Wednesday the agency received reports from people who saw the object as far north as Oklahoma City and as far south as Houston, and many sightings were from the Walker County area.

Lunsford told the Associated Press that FAA officials knew it wasn't an airplane people were seeing, and a meteor was the likely candidate.

More than 20 people took to the Item's Facebook page to report sightings on Wednesday. Julie Ashworth and daughter, Stormie, were driving to their home on Highway 30. When she pulled into her driveway, Ashworth said she saw a bright light over her home.

“I looked over and it looked really low. It was really bright,” she said. “I thought it was a helicopter.”

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Anonymous said...

A meteor huh? Okay - But I must say: That is the most well behaved meteor I've ever seen. Meteors that in-sync and controlled should have its own name - How about, 'The Anal Retentive Meteor'? Yeah, that's the ticket~!

openureyes10 said...

My daughter an I saw it just after we parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot. When I first saw it, it was coming down at steep angle and looked like a green ball with red trailing tail. By the time I pointed it out to my daughter the object was only showing the green ball.
From our perspective it looked close, as far out as distance across parking lot and it looked as though it went out in the tree tops at end of parking lot.
my eldest daughter told me the next day that meteors were in our area the night before.... I need to research it..
San Antonio, Tx, time approx 7:30-8ish pm

Bathtub said...

Based on that footage, a meteor seems an unlikely explanation. I hope someone got some clearer shots.

Anonymous said...

i see this ball many times and have it on video like 3 times maybe i should send it in

lightbright2012 said...

I was driving on I30 talking on blue tooth to my husband , driving east to west near Royse City and saw what I thought was a headlight of a low flying airplane with the head light facing me. Not paying Alot of attention to it I started having splattering noises hitting my windshield and seeing what appeared to be Sparks, I immediately thought it was the air plane dropping Sparks. I started freaking out and said to my husband"what the hell is going on". I told him what I was seeing. Then turned my head to the left and found the ball of light and then was on fire with a long orange tail. I thought the plane was on fire and desinigrated in air. I found out when I got home in Lavon it was a meteor. I was scared thinking people had died.

Kibby said...

FAA wants you to think it's meteor. Sad, eh?

Anonymous said...

I saw a meteor tonight that was slow moving like that but broke apart and was very bright! Made me stand up and lose my breath. Space junk? Maybe
Feb 4 2012
Reverend Hookems

Anonymous said...

I saw it from va. In the NE sky. Very slow and strange dude

Anonymous said...

hi guys , this is my first comment on this site. i saw the object!!!! not meteor i live in Dallas. me and my friends were smoking a cig outside and then since im a star gazer.. i was looking into the pretty clear sky at the plane lights. then out of the northwest came a orange glowing ball with a redish tail of sparks... not fire.. also seemed to have an almost invisiable cigar shape following it with the ball at the front. the oblect was very very low and slow. ive seen meteors before and this was definitely not one. as it was crossing by us the glow changed from orange the a very bright blue then to a bright green a the nose of the blue. i had never seen anything like it. also we could see the horizon of the northwest from our vantage point

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments of what had been seen up there, it made me think, that it could be objects burning up in the Earths
atmosphere, because of the different colors & the reddish tale of sparks, this could be consistent with objects entering the Earths upper atmosphere at high speed,such as what has been seen with space junk of one kind or another.

Im thinking of "ED Grimsley" [VIDEO's] he says there is a war going on up there, and just maybe,
some of these craft, come through
the atmosphere damaged! or otherwise.

A link to ED Grimsley site:

lightbright2012 said...

After thinking about what I seen that night and what I've seen on TV about meteors, I've seen that they would fall downwards or maybe at an angle. This sailed paralel across the sky above me dropping sparks on my car. I watched it till it just disappeared (poof). It was slow moving. In hindsight I had time to video the whole thing.
But I had no idea. :( I didn't just fade out of sight, it just was instanly was gone.

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