Thursday, February 02, 2012

UFOs Spotted in Dublin, Georgia January 27, 2012

The number of sightings has increased as of late in the Middle Georgia area especially around Highway 441 in Dublin.
If anyone in Georgia or the area mentioned also spotted Ufos recently we would liek to hear from you as a reply to this post.
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jmk said...

No BS.. we saw the same thing four nights ago... caught some of it on film. I thought I was nuts, and this guy saw it over two months ago. Thats just weird. If you have found out what they are, let me know, I would be curious to find the real cause of these lights.We have partial video...

Anonymous said...

ufo spotted in forest park Georgia about month ago seen this mother and child looking in the sky so i step out side to see what they were looking at and it was around looking sliver just just spinning just i run back in side to get the cam knowing that if i could just take a pic my cam would get what it was b/c the zoom is every good cam studio but by the time i cam out side and try to take a pic it was gone i looked and looked to see if it any were to be found but notting i was mad bc if i would of took this pic it would of been every good and clear pic of what was in the sky

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