Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ufo or night glider ? Triangle craft over Rural Retreat, Virginia

Bit of a puzzling one here. New video in from Virginia. To me this looks possibly light a hang glider or LED kite with lights? Your opinions please:

Mufon posters comments:
During the night of 01/05/12 I was outside my home doing some sky watching.At 8:38 P.M. I noticed aircraft heading my direction from the ENE.I turned my camcorder on and recorded the aircraft;which,at that time I thought to be a military refuel mission, as it passed my location heading WSW.At the time I was recording the event I had reservations as to whether or not it was a refuel mission.
A short time later at 9:06 P.M. I noticed what appeared to be the same craft heading my direction from the SW.As the craft was approaching my location,the craft were making a slight turn to the north and then to the northwest as they crossed directly over my location.I also recorded that event as well.While recording the event I realized that it was not a refuel mission!
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Anonymous said...

really my friend... if you go out for some night-watch, please...really..please.. bring with you a tripod or something to where hold firm the camera!!! nice video though.....

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