Saturday, July 14, 2012

Explanation For UFO Lights Over Northern Counties?

Apparently those lights over Northern Counties have been explained away as some military training excercise. I would like to hear your feedback, if you agree or disagree with this. Descriptions ranged from "balls of fire" to "lights forming shapes and then disappearing".
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Anonymous said...

to make a decision,i would like to know if there was sound ?this is a BIGGIE,in deciding what it might doesn't matter WHAT the military many things have been explained away,with explanations that DO NOT make sense."they",COUNT on the gullibility of people to keep their secrets,SECRET.....

Anonymous said...

Im seeing a trend. It's quite easy to realize. It's labeled "anything abnormal" as "military exercise". It's like a child saying to their parents "why", and their parents say "because I said so". Guess that's good enough for the majority.

Anonymous said...

Some military training? Well maybe!
but with a difference!?


"Balls of fire" to "lights forming shaps, and then disappearing"

Well it could all add up to one thing: The "SECRET SPACE PROGRAM"

While its being said to be a military training excercise!and that! would be right now,wouldn't it?:) 0.0

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