Saturday, July 28, 2012

UFO Flying Over South Korea: 26/07/2012

A strange, horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted and videotaped in the skies over Busan, South Korea.
The UFO is traveling at a very fast pace, meaning it's likely not to be a weather balloon:
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Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like Pac-Man

Anonymous said...

LOL! Pac-Man! Yeah it does a bit:)

This shot of the ufo. in Busan South Korea, reminded me of NASAs video,of a broken one mile long TETHER out in space.An experiment that went rong.When the Tether drifted away,something like hundreds of ufo. were seen to be quite interested in examining it.

If you remember,they looked a lot like this ufo in South Korea!? >)

Anonymous said...

looks great, but dont know what it is X-D

Nick DK said...

@ 3:30 AM

And u sound like Pac-Man.
Your mouth might be moving, but nothing intelligent comes out!

Anonymous said...

No need to be a prize Dick,Nick!!!

Anonymous said...

good capture!

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