Friday, July 27, 2012

UFO Ovnis Over Santiago, Chile Airport 15/07/2012

Although these look like planes awaiting landing in Santiago, some are very close to each other and hover for quite some time. Apparently this is not something aircraft do while on approach, when they circle there is a large distance between them:

Posters Comments: A friend of my son playing sports in Cerro Renca 18:45 hours, it stops in the middle of it and look towards the west, where Santiago airport. Go about six foreign objects and pulls out his cell while some UFOs up to the clouds (cloudy afternoon) Immediately at the end of this recording comes home shocked and not knowing what to do.
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Bathtub said...

Those look exactly like planes to me. Nothing is 'hovering' - they appear relatively motionless when they're coming straight at the viewer on a slow downward trajectory. As they turn, movement and strobe lights can be clearly seen. I'm also sure they're not close to each other - that's an effect of them being tens of miles away and flattened perspective. Separation between planes has to be maintained at safe levels, but landings at busy airports can take place as little as 45 seconds apart.

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