Friday, July 27, 2012

Triangle UFO Over Blue Springs, Missouri 19/07/2012

Triangle UFO Over Blue Springs, Missouri  19/07/2012.
Mufon witness report:
While sitting on our back deck that faces north we saw 3 brilliant red orange objects flying in the shape of a check mark.They were coming from the east flying in a southwesterly direction. The passed directly over the top of us and continued on until we lost sight of them. I noticed that one of them (the one in the video that is the bottom of the two)was pulsating and putting off a goldish color on the underneath side as it flew directly over us. They did not make any sound that we heard and were moving fast.It takes a second for us to find them in our camera lens even though they are very bright. We focused mostly on the two flying together at the bottom of the check formation. The other one comes in occasssionally there on the left. They did not video the brilliant red orange color that we viewed with our eyes. Also there are additional objects in the video that we did not see with the naked eye, only once we viewed the video did we see the objects sometimes right next to the two main ones, and then down in the right corner of the video as well.
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Jordan Davis said...

People, there was video evidence and the fake vote outweighed real? How can this be? You people wouldn't believe something if it happened right in front of your eyes!

Jordan Davis said...

I saw the same thing tonight!!! with my bf. A FLEET of them! Tried to comment a few times now but this combination of letters keeps messing it up! I have an AMAZING story! I hope this finally works....

Anonymous said...

Well THAT is the point, Jordon!!
People need to see for themselves
because: "SEEING IS BELIEVING" yes?

In my opinion,the votes that outweighed real!! were just an
assessment of what they thought about the video..and that "thought"
has a lot to do with NOT having seen a ufo.There is a lot of doubt because of it!?seeing IS believing!

I believe that being born with the
five senses, is exactly what we stick with!!!.....Throw in CGI!!!
or FAKE!! and "DOUBT" is right on your lap!and that is the problem my friend. Your video can be the truth!!...its just, that we don't know that.........yet!?

"CGIs. and FAKE video's" is the poison, opposed to the truth, and we're all stuck with that.........

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