Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newly Discovered Exo-planet UCF-1.01: 33 Light Years From Earth

A newly discovered Exo-planet was recently found by NASA, only 33 light years away from Earth.
What's makes this discovery important is that its not very common for us to find Exo-planets (planets outside of our own solar system) to be smaller than Earth in size, or for us to find one so relatively close. With every new discovery of planets outside our solar system, it raises the probability and chance of life existing through-out the universe:

The exoplanet candidate, called UCF-1.01, is located only 33 light-years away, orbiting the star GJ 436. It is possibly the nearest world to our solar system that is smaller than our home planet. You can see the background stars in their accurate constellations in this video, while we pan out away from Earth. We then move away from our solar system to the GJ 436 solar system, and zoom in to see the new planet, UCF-1.01.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? Why search out there when we should know of life forms already here, and have/are visiting here. But let's put on our american hats.... U ready??? It's fake!!!! It's computer generated and is a waste of everyone's time. If I cant see it then it cannot exist. 100% FAKE. Good job NASA nice graphic programing mixed in with photo shop. I think my neighbor could have done a better job. Hats off to u!

Anonymous said...

That comment post made my day!! Lol

Lady said...

It's not too hard to imagine that there's something over the hills you cannot see, so if I live miles away over the hills and far away does that mean I do not exist ? Our imaginations are what make us want to explore and take a step outside of the box, without that we might as well stay fenced in and ignorant like farm animals waiting for our next meal

Just because you cannot see something does not mean it does not exist, you are not the center of the universe only as far as your perception takes you

Michael said...

I can't tell for sure if the 1st comment is a joke, but i hope for the sake of man-kind, that it is...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!...You make an excellent point!...Anonymous

But wait a minute!...If they are already here,then they come from where? Might be what NASA is looking for! address!?:) lol
-or- like you say, FAKE!:/.......

Anonymous said...

Well thought out, my lady!at 3:41am

I might add though!...seeing IS believing!...when in doubt!?

Why in doubt?...well any thing NEW!
can be sometime,a bit controversial
in conversation......

Joseph (Asia) said...

What is invasion?

Earth was long invaded by American government.

Anonymous post#1... stop fakery.

Aliens could be hostile or benevolent but stay with the light.

Negative energy will only harm yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lol 4:38. U just said stay with the light, and stay away from the negativity. The illuminati is based on "the light" and is fueled by negativity. Do your homework. Thats like when one republic said I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue (emplying that the fire is cooling down but they forgot that blue fire is hotter than red). Good analogy, but be careful talking about the light on these kind of websites.

Anonymous said...

Only 33 light years away?...ONLY???
You are looking 33 years into the past!!!

Can you imagine,saying Hi! and waiting 66 years for a REPLY!!...?

and even if you could travel at the speed of light,it would take you 66 years there & back! There goes the best part of your life!?

It would be, a bit like a sentence!

"I sentence you, to 66 years in space"

I don't think the Human body could
survive 33 years in space,let alone
66 years!??...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

The scientists talk about folding the "fabric of space & time" half!??? WHAT!?..thats a mind full?
to take a short cut, right? Well what is the FABRIC of space? if we're not talking about the fabric of MATERIAL? I have never heard of this, being explaind, I mean,the word FABRIC in space...look it up,its means a cloth,RIGHT!so what the bloody hell are they talking about?...Where do they get this stuff from?...WHAT FABRIC? of, or in space are they talking about?

Space in my way of thinking, is an "empty nothingness!"
[A void if you will]

Are they talking about folding TIME & MOTION IN HALF?...Well thats not a FABRIC now, is it?

So how can an "empty space" of nothingness be folded in half? to take a short cut,you think about it!...The only thing I can think of, that could make sense, for shortening the distance in time,would be TIME TRAVEL its self!
through a portal,and what would that, have to do with the FABRIC of space, nothing!!WHAT FABRIC??? it has not been explained, what they mean by this.

In my opinion, I think its all alot of bulls wool! SPACE is an EMPTINESS!!! You can't fold an empty nothing in half..........

Anonymous said...

boy any closer an id worry

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