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Readers Personal Sightings: July 2012

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Bridgeport Texas  July 25th :
Yesterday July 25th wanting to know if their were any reports in the sky around Bridgeport Texas from !0:30pm to 4:30 in the morning.Their was small cloud mass and a storm in the distance We thought we were watching stars but they started to move in horizontal and vertical directions but stay in the same area.The stars would be in the center and be no cloud mass there was a ring around this star like object.And when you looked at them and looked as if it was manipulating the cloud mass around it.In the whole night sky their seemed to be hundreds of these star like objects.Some of them acted like falling stars but they would travel a short way vertical and then shoot downwards and burn out.We watched this go on for several hours but we didnt have any camera equipment to video tape this occurance.We are trying to find an answer to this occurance and we thought you might be able to help explain the situation.The objects were very organize d and they were working with each other.

Kokomo, Indiana July 4th 2012- at 5am my 19 yr old son calls me outdoors saying something weird in the eastern sky, I went out and saw 3 items in the sky that I cannot explain other than UFO. They were 3 lights in the shape of an elongated triangle. Each of these would shift shape in an up and down motion, often staying in the down position. It is hard to explain, They would go from appearing as a dimming to brightening star to becoming a long stick figure like thing but up and down, not side to side, The brightest of the 3 was more stable in shape at first but toward the end of our watch tended to shift from a long up/down light to the smaller star looking thing. The most active of the 3 lights was the one which was like the point of the triangle, It dimmed and brightened constantly, stayed smaller longer and more often, It was like it was the business one of the 3. The other 2 corners of the triangle were not below the point but rat her to the south of it, the point at the north. Those 2 lights appeared to be one above the other but yet I knew it was one was closer and the other further as the closer one, which was the most stable, was significantly brighter, At times it looked as if they were moving upward, but ever so slowly because they also looked as if they were still in the sky. For an hour we watched the lights change shape, brightness, and then out of nowhere a 4th light appeared which was moving. The moving light was traveling thru the sky no doubt. Traveling from south heading north it was about to approach the 2 corner lights as if going to travel between them, All the sudden the moving light disappeared and never did show itself again, My son said he could see clearly that what looked to me like 3 lights was a large triangle shaped ship and the lights I saw were the 3 corners of it. I never saw it. But I did certainly wonder if it weren't so. My son and I both attempted photos without succes s. I aimed my lens directly where these lights were and nothing showed in my view finder. Nothing. It makes no sense. Surely others saw this. Maybe not. Saw another strange sky show in Logansport, Indiana about 6 yrs ago, Thought for sure the newspaper or local news would have something about it because it was quite obvious and strange, But nothing. 

Miami Beach  July 1989
On a night, sometime from July 1989 through December 1990, while I lived at the Morton Towers, Miami Beach, FL, I saw a UFO from my bedroom window on the 7th floor of the North Tower. I had gone to sleep and I awoke around 2 to 4 a.m. and walked over to the large window facing to the south. I looked out and up to the dark sky and immediately saw a round spacecraft which I estimate was about 100 feet in diameter. The underside of said UFO had circular rows of lights which appeared to be pulsating. I watched for approximately 20 to 30 seconds before the UFO suddenly took-off. I believe that this spacecraft was at an altitude of 600 to 800 feet. I do not believe that this UFO was a fixed wing airplane or helicopter. I had not consumed alcohol or other intoxicants on the night of the sighting.  my neighbor seen 5 red orbs come out if the woods and go into a triangle formation and went towards them and got bright and then scaterd really fast he called me and i came out and only saw 2 in the distance, he was hoping i had my camera ready because im a ufo hunter but it wasnt charged :( and i missed the good stuff anway
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